Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Condo Living in North Central Arizona - needs updating

Tuzigoot, Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle
My wife an I have driven by these three early condo communities for the last 30 years without stopping to investigate. Recently, the National Parks Service offered free entrance to most parks during earth week. This was enough incentive to get us to visit these indian ruin sites in north central Arizona that were once occupied by the Sinagua tribe in 1000 AD.  The Tuzigoot property sat on 42 acres and had around 100 rooms, with river views.

If river views aren't good enough, one could travel 30 miles east to Montezuma Well. The water is at a constant 76 degrees.  Large amounts of carbon dioxide limit water life in the well.  Again the Sinaguan lived here around 1125 AD.

A few miles south is the location I would have selected Montezuma Castle.  This also has a river running through it and offers more of a high rise living option featuring 20 rooms.  It is walking distance to a casino.  Have times changed?

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